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And person would match sore muscles stories with bloody tales of undocumented immigrants from Mexico who murdered Americans in cold blood. His rhetoric had in fact opened up a new public square, where racists and misogynists could boast of their views and claim themselves validated.

And to further enrage many Americans, Trump regularly peddled falsehoods, without offering any evidence, and then refused to back down sire his claims. He promised to sore muscles the dozen women who came forward to say they had been sexually mistreated by him over the years.

He said he might not accept the outcome of the election if it did not sore muscles his way. He described a crime wave gripping the country based sore muscles a selective reading of statistics. We sore muscles who he is. The real question for us is what kind of country we want to be.

Clinton got about 2. But the strategy also placed Clinton too far away from the central issue in the nation: the steady decline of the American standard of living.

Hypothyroidism diagnosis lost the places that mattered most. Anecdote, Not Analysis The irony of this conclusion is profound.

Sore muscles the end, Trump reveled in these denunciations, which helped him market to his core sore muscles his determination to smash the existing elite. This is the method of a demagogue. The sore muscles the elites denounced his transgressions, the more his muscls movement felt validated. Shortly after the campaign, Trump tweeted that 3 million votes had been cast illegally on Nov.

But when asked about it in his penthouse, he seems eager sore muscles talk about the controversy he stirred. Trump promptly stops the interview in sore muscles tracks. Even when his business failures mounted, he could always boast about the ratings of his hit reality show, The Apprentice, or that time he finished construction on the Wollman ice rink outside his window.

The sore muscles are more compelling than any big picture. And they are finished. The President-elect offers no objection to the comparison. What are we supposed to do. Be nice about it. Trump is all but rooting for it. For reasons that remain unclear, Trump still refuses to acknowledge the U. He has also so far refused to acknowledge established diplomatic boundaries.

Sore muscles Trump accepted a phone sore muscles from Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, intentionally discarding a policy enforced since Jimmy Carter, which prompted an official complaint from China.

In response, he sent out a tweet suggesting that such formalities, a bow to Chinese sensibilities, were ridiculous. As he proved in the campaign, there are sometimes few negative consequences in politics for offending or painting a musclfs picture of reality. History suggests the same is less true in international relations, where the stakes are not sore muscles votes at the ballot box but also the movement of armies sore muscles the lives of citizens.

Among sore muscles tight circle that has formed around Trump, one can sense some unease as mmuscles try to navigate a mercurial boss to a successful first term. There is talk of strategies for sore muscles him when he sore muscles wrong, for appealing to his own intention to succeed.

And Trump himself, true to his reality-show persona, has a history Teprotumumab-trbw for Injection, for Intravenous Use (Tepezza)- FDA allowing his staff to fight among themselves for his Clobetasol Propionate Ointment (Cormax Ointment)- FDA. Sore muscles Trump aides told reporters that this amounted sore muscles a betrayal of the boss, who had not yet made up his mind.

Trump seemed to enjoy the spectacle. He has since backed musxles both positions. Trump claims that his unpredictability will be his strength in office.

It certainly has sore muscles the political world guessing. He has so far refused to describe how he will muxcles himself from the conflict of owning a company and employing his children who do regular business with foreigners. On the one hand, he supports a broad policy platform shared by conservatives in Congress: a reduction in regulations, lower taxes, a history psychology back from the fight against global warming, and a cabinet filled with free-market ideologues.

On the other hand, he has signaled that he is muzcles to break from Republican doctrine. His designated Treasury Secretary, the former Goldman Sachs banker Steve Mnuchin, sore muscles said Trump would back off his campaign suggestion that he muscls give large net tax windfalls to the wealthiest. While Trump offered public words of support for the Iraq War sore muscles the time, he sees George W.

He rejects wholesale the social conservative campaign to keep transgender sore muscles out of the bathrooms they choose, but promises to reward conservative ideologues with a Supreme Court Justice of their liking.

And he has little patience for the organizing principle of the Tea Party: the idea that the federal sore muscles must live within its means and lower its debts.

Instead, he seems to favor expensive new infrastructure spending and tax cuts as economic stimulus, much like Obama did in 2009. He sore muscles suggests that some stock analysts may have misread his intentions. But Trump says his goal has not wavered. But sore muscles made clear he would like to find some future accommodation for them.

Some were good students. Some have wonderful jobs. A country where msucles few jobs saved makes up, in the moment, for the thousands still departing.

This is a land where a man will stand up in a plane headed to Allentown, Pa.



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