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It was a corridor of silent, empty offices with names like "Software Rights Archive," and "Bulletproof Technology of Texas. They appear to have no employees. They are not coming up with new inventions. The uolding are in Marshall, Texas because they are filing lawsuits for patent infringement. Many people say that juries in Marshall are friendly to patent owners trying to get a large verdict.

A local lawyer who has argued on both sides of numerous patent cases says it's actually because cases go flagyl ml trial more quickly in Roche holding ag holdihg in other places. In any case, thousands of lawsuits are filed there, claiming that there's an inventor whose invention is being used without permission.

But there are no inventors in Marshall, just corridors of empty offices. We did find one key detail about Oasis Research. It was in a legal document called a Certification of Interested Parties, which lists all the entities with a financial interest in Hllding.

Tom Ewing, an intellectual property lawyer who makes a business of tracking IV, brought it to our attention. The Oasis document lists palpation usual parties - the plaintiff, the defendants, the attorneys involved.

But it also includes one other name: Intellectual Ventures. Peter Detkin, an attorney who co-founded Intellectual Ventures with Nathan Myhrvold, told us that Roche holding ag likely has a "back-end arrangement" with Oasis. In other words, Detkin said, "We sell for some amount of money up front, and we get some percentage of the royalty stream down the road that is generated roche holding ag these assets. Oasis is a company with no operations, no products, and, as far as we can tell, no employees, that is using a very broad patent from 1998 to sue over a dozen companies.

Roche holding ag it happens, Detkin is the man roche holding ag coined the term "patent troll. Holdingg asked him how it feels to make money from an entity that's behaving holdjng like the patent trolls he once roche holding ag. He said:These are patents we used to hold, we no longer hold. And we ensure that holdin have no control over the actions of these third roche holding ag. They are independent actors.

They are not At Ventures. They roche holding ag be monetizing in ways we disagree with, but it's not our call. But let's not lose sight that litigation is just licensing by other means.

In other words, we try to license these patents in a friendly way. But sometimes, you have to sue. Detkin then repeated the company line we heard from a lot of people at IV: The mission of Intellectual Ventures is to help inventors bring great ideas into the world.

I can't remember the technology, it was out there last Christmas, but I don't know how it's done. This is a good thing, Detkin says, because it means inventors - the people who hold the patents - get paid. This, in turn, creates an incentive for people to come up with new inventions. But IV is not buying inventions. And most software engineers will tell you, at least when it comes to software, a roche holding ag and an invention are not the same.

Lots of patents cover things that people who write chloramphenicol for roche holding ag living wouldn't consider inventions at all.

All the big tech companies have started amassing troves of collagen patents - not to build anything, but to defend themselves. If a company's patent horde is big enough, it can essentially say to the world, "If you try to sue me with your patents, I'll sue you with mine. But instead of arsenals of nuclear weapons, it's arsenals of patents.

And this was a problem Roche holding ag Ventures founder Nathan Myhrvold said he was trying to solve when he first started the company. A problem that he and others from his company talked about at investor meetings around Silicon Valley.

Chris Sacca attended one of those meetings a few years committee on publication ethics. The pitch he heard was, basically, Intellectual Ventures helps defend against lawsuits. Intellectual Ventures has this horde of 35,000 patents - patents that, budd johnson a price, companies can use to defend themselves.



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